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    26 MAY, 2014 in PARIS, FR

     held in conjunction with the 12th 


    ICHS’2014 will take place in Paris, France, This Symposium will be the opening session prior to the 12th International Conference on Wired & Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC’2014).

    It is organized by “Les Territoires du Coeur” and the “Université Paris Est de Creteil (UPEC – Paris 12) : http://www.lesterritoiresducoeur.fr and http://www.lab.lissi.fr

    Two workshops in dedicated fully equipped spaces will be set to host live demos for company / speakers wishing to bring their results to the consideration of the audience. This will happen in the morning sessions. Please check with the organization team for possibilities and applied fees.

    Last call for paper submissions:

    We are reaching the final stage for recording your Paper submission to the ICHS’2014 event.  Deadline for paper submission:  March 15, 2014 :


    Final program will be disclosed very shortly: http://www.lissi.fr/wwic2014/ichs2014

    ICHS’2014 will address key issues and state-of-the-art of connected health tools, services and know-how.  Most recent research and experiments will be presented in the area of Tele-Medecine / Tele-Diagnostic and e-health.  Wireless and wired medicine appears as a major move in the history of medicine.  It transforms the day-to-day care and medical prevention of patients bringing the medical apps in the patients’ daily living.

    ICHS’2014 will combine formal presentations and conferences with poster sessions from National and International initiatives in this area.

    This Symposium is designed in an interactive mode and will enable attendees to interact, share ideas, practices and know-how with their peers.  This will be the perfect opportunity for you to access to new research partnerships and launch new projects.

    ICHS’2014 is brought to you by following

    . Institutional partners:  ANTEL, CNRS

    . Medical partner:  PECTORIS

    . Cluster:  CAP DIGITAL

    . Start-ups:  M&C (Medicine And Connect), iTn’T (Homecare)

    . Media & Communication:  TEKNEO Health – ANDERSCORE.

    We will continue to share information with you. We hope to see you soon at ICHS’2014 and WWIC’2014!

    Dr Abderrahmane Ameur

    Co-chair – Cardiologist – « Les Territoires du cœur », Paris – France

    Tel:  +33 (0)6 60 44 09 74 – ameurabderrahmane@gmail.com


    Dr Eudes Ménager de Froberville

    Co-chair at ICHS’2014, Neurovascular – TEKNEO HEALTH, Paris – France

    Tel:  +33 (0)6 48 08 27 32 – eudes.menager@gmail.com

  • Prochainement au Centre Culturel Canadien à Paris!

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